After being born with cerebral palsy, Abbey grew up in a world of “no”. She was told what she could and couldn’t do and after 7 straight years of loss, Abbey decided to take hold of her future and make her life something she’d always dreamed of!

There would be no more wishing and hoping, just concrete steps to making every one of her wildest dreams a reality – NOW.

This focused mentality helped her make history when in 2008, she won Miss Iowa USA. She was the first and still is the only woman with a disability to make it to the USA pageant!

Since her time in the spotlight, Abbey has dedicated her life to helping women of all backgrounds achieve their biggest dreams by equipping them with the confidence and self-love to make it all happen. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, Abbey also founded a nonprofit organization for women with special needs, starred in an HBO movie special, published a book, and became one of the Most Inspirational Women in America. The best part is that after all of this, she’s just getting started.

Currently, a Chicago businesswoman working for a large pharmaceutical company in Biologics, Abbey is continuing to expand her entrepreneurial ambitions and is now an ICP Accredited life coach helping people not only dream but dream bigger!

My mission is to enrich the lives of people nationwide by guiding them in achieving their goals – no matter the circumstances. I help shift the impossible into “Im-possible” by creating a safe space for each of my clients and offering them my unwavering attention and expertise.